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Swayamsiddh Moneylife Article
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  Note * Identities of students have been withheld to protect their privacy.

Age: 13 years
Year of Admission: 2009
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy and Mentally Retarded.

2009: He was a very quiet child and not ready to go to school. His speech was not clear, could not complete a sentence and had problems of drooling. He did not have a firm grip and couldn't even hold a pencil.

2010: He loves coming to school, sitting in the class and interacting with his co-students and teachers. There is a drastic improvement in his speech in terms of speech clarity because of the speech therapy. His hand grip has improved and is able to write few numbers. He talks to his friends confidently and takes part in all the activities. He is a much lively person now and likes to mix with others. He took part in the school story telling competition and won the 2nd prize, a great achievement.

Age: 15 years
Year of Admission: 2005
Medical Condition:

2005: When she joined the school, her basic concepts of numbers and letters were not clear. She was not comfortable in groups and was reserved.

2010: Now she likes to participate in group activities like sports and has won many prizes in the school and at State Level drawing competitions. She takes lot of interest at home, helps her mother and gets ready for school on her own.

Age: 19 years
Year of Admission:
Medical Condition:

He did not know many things like he was admitted to school. He had a lot of resistance when he started school, was quite aggressive and used to get violent when scolded. Slowly he adjusted to the class and we realised that he was comfortable in certain conditions.

2010: He loves to interact in school and also loves to do his home work and in fact at times asks for more! He is a very hard working student. His parents were not confident that he would adjust well in school but he has surpassed everybody's expectations and in fact is doing quite well.

Age: 16 years
Year of Admission: 2006
Medical Condition: Mild Retardation.

2006: She was a very reserved and an introvert. Academically her knowledge was of a Kindergarten student.

2010: Now she has greatly improved in her studies and academically is equal to a 4th standard student. She loves to study and helps her co-students also. She is an excellent dancer and is able to express herself very well. She is confident of her own opinions and does not hesitate to put them forward. She is now able to manage herself on her own and is comfortable on field trips without her parents. She loves sharing jokes and has an excellent memory which she loves to use to memorise film songs and Shlokas! She loves playing games and working in the kitchen.

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