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National Trust Award & Certification

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon - 17th January 2010

11 students along with 12 staff members participated and successfully completed the 6.00 kms Dream Run in the 2010 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. This year, the marathon was a grand event for us what with the support of corporates like JP Morgan Asset Management, Dhanalakshmi Bank, State Bank of India, DB Realty, Hotel Le Meridien, Mumbai and 250 Individual Runners!!!

The Marathon was kicked off by a press conference on 10th January 2010 by Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao and hosted by Hotel Le Meridien, Mumbai. Shahid and Amrita are great human beings who, in a split second decision, agreed to be our celebrity supporters and who genuinely believe in doing good work. They were also present on the marathon day to flag us off on the Dream Run on 17th January 2010.

The Dream Run was a rocking event with Bhangda Dholwallas, Stilt Walkers and Flubber the Clown entertaining not only us but runners of many other teams through the entire Dream Run! Everybody literally danced their way through the 6 km run rather than walk! More often than not joined by other participating teams!!!

The fantastic success of the event and the support we received from all our corporate and individual supporters have given us the confidence to work harder and achieve bigger goals.

SAMRASIYA - Classical jugalbandi by Ustaad Rashid Khan & Shri Shankar Mahadevan - 11th April 2009

"Samrasiya" a classical jugalbandi concert of Ustaad Rashid Khan & Shri Shankar Mahadevan was held on 11th April 2009 in the Sri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Auditorium, Mumbai. The Ustaad Rashid Khan - Shankar Mahadevan pairing is extremely popular and has received rave reviews in all their past performances. The evening was magical considering that both the artistes are extremely talented and on their way to becoming legendary. The chief guests of the evening were legendary lyricist and script writer Mr. Javed Akhtar and film actors Mr. Abhishek Bachchan and Ms. Asin.

The show was compered by Mr. Anil Iravane and started with a fantastic dance performance by the students and a foreword by Mr. Javed Akhtar followed by the magic of the two maestros. The show was supported by many corporates like Aegis - Time Out, Tata Motors, Godrej, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Indian Oil Corporation, Bank of India, Ameya Infotainment etc. The concert was a sell out and around the 2,200 guests enjoyed the magic of the two maestros.

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon - 18th January 2009

6 students along with 6 staff members participated and successfully completed the 6.00 kms Dream Run in the 2009 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. They were accompanied by Shri Dhanraj Pillai, 60 Individual runners and two (2) Corporate supporters, E-City Ventures and MERU Cabs, with 30 runners each. In all 120 people ran for Swayamsiddh and its goals in the 2009 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. It was a fantastic experience for everybody and in fact the children want to participate in greater numbers next year.

Flight of Fantasy - 7th May 2006

Jet Airways organised a "Flight of fantasy" for children at Swayamsiddh with support of Indian Oil Corporation limited. Chief guests of the event Harry Prabhu, (wheelchair player of Table Tennis and Lawn Tennis) and social worker Nasima Hurzuk (running a residential school for handicapped children at Kolhapur.) were accompanied by Ms Diya Mirza (Film Actress), Harish Baijal, Vinod Kambli, Ahmed Jaleel (Jet Airways) and Mr. Anil Iravane.

Children started their dream flight in the morning from domestic airport at Chikalthana. Jet airways staff, dressed in Cartoon Characters, entertained children and helped them to proceed towards boarding hall that was decorated with colourful balloons. All the children were welcomed with flower bouquets, thereafter served with snacks and drinks. They were given brief information on flight rules. At 8.45am the 737-800 flight 9W3103 took off with about 150 children for their dream flight. They had a experience of a life time for 40 minutes.

Ghulam Ali Ghazal Show - 5th May 2006

Renowned singer Shri Ghulam Ali's Ghazal show was also organised by Swayamsiddh. Audiences as well as children were delighted to see him performing. Collectively around Rs. 20 Lakhs was raised towards the construction of Special School building through this show.

Jagjeet Singh's Ghazal Show - 21st April 2005

As a part of its fund raising program, in April 2005, Swayamsiddh organised a Ghazal Show by Padma Bhushan Dr. Jagjeet Singh anchored by Feroz Khan, known better as 'Arjun' from the famous mythological television serial Mahabharata.

Around 2500 people were present for the event and Rs. 16 Lakhs were raised towards the construction of the School Building. As a kind gesture of compassion, Jagjeet Singh refused to take any monetary reward for his performance. Since then the school is named in the loving memory of Jagjeet Singh's son, the late Vivek Singh as the "Vivek Singh Special School for Mentally Challenged Children."

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